Tasty Cuisines from Across the Globe


Everybody loves a good meal. It is one of those things that humans tend to have real love and affection for. The fact that we have thousands, if not millions of cuisines across the world means that tastes and preferences vary a lot. Different places also have varying ways of preparing certain delicacies. The infographic has some popular bites you will find in various states.

Starting with the USA, there is no way one would set foot in the country and not taste mac and cheese. Former president, Thomas Jefferson made it popular in the 1700s, and it stuck. In fact, it all happened after he encountered macaroni in France and Italy. Several modifications were made to the recipe to give us what we have today.

If you thought mac and cheese were great, wait till you go to Sweden and frestelse is served while still hot. Whatever they do with the potatoes, onions, cream, bread crumbs and pickled sprats will make you think twice about leaving.

Trust the Chinese to come up with unimaginable delicacies. While the rest of the world is busy boiling and frying rice, they are making porridge out of it. This is always served with other cuisines such as the long life noodles.

When you cross over to Africa and visit Senegal, mafe is what you will find. It is made from ingredients that include meat (lamb, chicken, or beef), garlic, cabbage, onion, tomatoes, peanuts, and leaf or root vegetables. When ready, it is served with white rice, sweet potatoes or fufu. After you have had your fill, you should go to Honduras for their arroz con pollo before heading over to India where you will probably smell the aroma of chicken tikka makhani as soon as you alight the airplane at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

When you think about it, to achieve this fete would require you to have adequate finances or work for an organization that needs you to travel around the world. Those two factors will take you to places whose style of cooking and spices are yet to be discovered. However, there is a third option, and that is us. We can bring all the meals above right to your event as we are the number one food service providers in the whole of Johannesburg.

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